Every book needs an index, even Facebook!

PostIndexer allows you to save posts to indexes and categories on PostIndexer boards that you can create for Facebook groups, pages or topics of your choice. Customize how you display posts on PostIndexer and share indexes with your audience.

Save posts directly from Facebook

Use the PostIndexer extension to instantly save Facebook posts to indexes on your PostIndexer board. PostIndexer automatically captures the full post text as well as the post date and poster name.

Choose how to display your posts

Posts are saved on cards and displayed on boards under the indexes and categories that you create. You can view boards in category view, link view or calendar view depending upon your needs.

Easily access the posts that you want to see

PostIndexer acts as the gateway to the Facebook posts that you want you, or your community, to see. Open any card to view the post on PostIndexer or link directly through to the post on Facebook.

Share posts in your way

Choose if you want to share your saved posts publicly or privately. Share posts under categories or on a calendar so that they can be easily found by your audience, and boost post reach.